25 iPads combine to form interactive display

At this year’s Tokyo Designers Week, one of the most interesting installations was a giant screen made up of 25 synced iPads. The display, called iProject 25 and commissioned by the Environmental Ministry of Japan, was intended to reflect the impact of humans on their surroundings.

The iPads start with video and music synced wirelessly on all devices, with each individual tablet displaying one part of the greater picture. Audience members are then invited to interact with the display. They can change the playback speed of both audio and video on each iPad, and also adjust screen brightness and choose what melody is being played. As people interact with the installation, video and audio get out of sync. The challenge is then to try to work together to get it back to its original state.

iProject 25 is a great example of the iPad being used for artistic purposes, but its creators believe it also demonstrates another way businesses might take advantage of Apple’s tablet for promotional efforts.

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