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Dubai Targets July 2017 For Drone-Taxi Launch

Dubai has tested a Chinese prototype of a self-driving drone-taxi, with the aim of introducing the aerial vehicle in the emirate by July 2017.

The test of the one-man electric vehicle comes as the city state in the United Arab Emirates seeks to ensure a quarter of its means of transport are self-driving by 2030.

The EHang 184 can travel on a programmed course at 100 kilometres an hour (60 mph) at an altitude of 300 metres (1,000 feet).

A passenger simply needs to select a destination for the autonomous taxi to take off, fly the route and touch down in the chosen spot monitored by a ground control center.

The vehicle, made by Chinese drone manufacturer EHang, can recharge in 2 hours and make trips of up to 30 minutes. The quadcopter is powered by eight propellers. It has highly accurate sensors and can resist extreme temperatures; ideal as the emirate is known for its scorching summers!


Self Driving Robovans

Delivery Robots

Imagine… an autonomous delivery robot that looks like the love child of an ice box and R2-D2 pulls up outside your house. Upon delivery, you simply pop open the lid, uncovering a box of your favourite pastries inside!

Robovan is a partnership between Starship Technologies and Mercedes-Benz Vans and aims to be the world’s first transportation system that integrates specially-adapted vans with autonomous delivery robots to allow efficient delivery of goods in neighbourhoods.

Instead of completing door-to-door delivery, the vans will drive to pre-agreed locations to load and unload goods and then dispatch the robots in the final step for on-demand delivery. Upon making the customer delivery, the robots will autonomously find their way back to the van for re-loading.

A recent test run of startup, Starship Technologies, autonomous robot shows what may be the future of on-demand delivery. The London and Estonia-based company have developed a fleet of delivery bots that aim to crack the last-mile challenge. The robots utilize cameras, GPS, software, and the company’s proprietary maps to navigate the world around it.