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Inside Your Computer

How Does A Computer Work?

The critical components of a computer are the Peripherals (including the mouse), the Input/Output Subsystem (which controls what and how much information comes in and out), and the Central Processing Unit (the brains), as well as human-written programs and memory.

Bettina Bair walks us through the steps your computer takes with every click of the mouse.


OS X Trash In Recovered Files Folder

There may be times when you start up your system and find the Trash icon shows you have something in it! Most times, it will have a folder called “Recovered Files“, sitting there and it may contain a number of oddly named files that might contain garbled data or could be 0KB in size.

The Recovered Files folder contains temporary files that were used by applications and system processes, which were not properly released and discarded when the application was terminated. This can happen if a program unexpectedly quits, or more commonly if the system crashes in the middle of your work.

You can retrieve useful files by dragging them out of the Trash. In most cases, however, the temporary files are not important and it is safe to empty your Trash.

Check with the manufacturer of the application if you are not sure.