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OS X Trash In Recovered Files Folder

There may be times when you start up your system and find the Trash icon shows you have something in it! Most times, it will have a folder called “Recovered Files“, sitting there and it may contain a number of oddly named files that might contain garbled data or could be 0KB in size.

The Recovered Files folder contains temporary files that were used by applications and system processes, which were not properly released and discarded when the application was terminated. This can happen if a program unexpectedly quits, or more commonly if the system crashes in the middle of your work.

You can retrieve useful files by dragging them out of the Trash. In most cases, however, the temporary files are not important and it is safe to empty your Trash.

Check with the manufacturer of the application if you are not sure.


Transferwise Saves Money Arrives Securely

There’s probably not a single person on the planet who thinks foreign-currency transfers are cheap, or even priced reasonably, unless he or she works for a bank.

The mission of TransferWise is deceptively simple; to make moving money from one place to another securely and quickly at a minimal cost.

It employs a peer-to-peer model to get the best foreign currency exchange and transfer rate for end consumers, bypassing banks, and has already saved its early users over half a million pounds since its launch in January 2011.

All TransferWise money transfers are handled according to the real mid-market exchange rates that traditional, big banks receive on the interbank market, only they will charge a heap more for (often hidden) “services” rendered!

Currently, the startup only supports payments through its digital platform between the UK and eurozone countries, but they are obviously looking to expand to other currencies in the near future.

TransferWise’s early-adopting users include expats, international students, pensioners who moved abroad but also, increasingly, small to medium-sized businesses looking to steer clear of the red tape and high cost involved with money transfer today.

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