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Step-By-Step Social Media How To’s

Al Jazeera (English) have put together some handy step-by-step tutorials for newcomers to the popular social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Each video explains all you need to know on how to set up an account, from “Following” friends and posting “Tweets” to “Hash-Tagging“, how to update your Facebook status and all about Facebook’s latest feature, “Timeline“, plus an introduction to the world’s newest social network, Google+ including use of one of it’s popular features, “Hangouts“.





Need to Share drives with a PC ?

Using a MAC and need to Share drives with a PC ?

Disk Utility has you covered.

To simply create a drive you can read and write to on a MAC and PC, back up any data already on the drive, then open Disk Utility in Applications > Utilities. Select the drive in the sidebar and click the Erase tab. In the Format pull-down menu, choose MS-DOS (FAT) if the drive is under 32GB, or ExFAT if the drive is larger.

Name the drive something clever, then click the Erase button to apply the new format. Don’t forget that Windows won’t recognize files larger than 4GB on the drive – a limitation not shared with NTFS-formatted volumes.