MySpace: Still Here

It’s a sign of the state of the social network world that one of the most anticipated movies of the fall is The Social Network, an account of the rise of Facebook. Just three years ago, MySpace would have been the social network likely to get a movie. A movie that might capture its current situation, however, is I‘m Still Here, the mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s alleged tumble from the heights of celebrity into obscurity (and hip-hop).

MySpace, in fact, remains big, attracting 61 million unique users in July, according to comScore, second only to Facebook‘s 146 million among social networks measured by the researchers. And it’s trying to escape the looming shadow Facebook inevitably casts with its 500 million-strong global user base. To do so, it seeks to improve its usability; focus on its core audience of youth; and emphasize the sharing of music and entertainment — all while reminding people that it matters, despite the buzz focused on Facebook, Twitter and newer platforms like Foursquare.

MySpace can still work well for brands looking to spread other types of content too. Razorfish recently ran a campaign for a client it declined to name that included a widget distributed on both Facebook and MySpace. The widget drew far more downloads on Facebook, but MySpace users interacted far more after downloading the widget, according to the agency.

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