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Best Of The Web 2012

Life Is Amazing

280 YouTube videos edited into a 5-minute masterpiece by Luc Bergeron 😎

A list of the 280 videos used for this compilation can be found here. (There is a corresponding number in the bottom right of each clip).


London Fire Brigade Plans For Emergencies Reported Via Twitter

Sound The Alarm!

There may be a day coming where your impulse to Tweet in every emergency actually does you some good. The Next Web reports that the London Fire Brigade is currently investigating the possibility of setting up a Twitter version of its 999 emergency telephone line.

What exactly that looks like is still up in the air, as they’re still in the exploratory stages. The Brigade already has a verified Twitter (currently with over 30,000 followers) account (@LondonFire) where it updates the public on fires and other news.

Having acknowledged that the increasing proliferation of smart phones means they must “improve how we communicate with the public“. It said it would share its experiences with other emergency services.