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Land Rover Autonomous Car

Autonomous Car Tech

While there are plenty of toy vehicles, drones, etc. that can be remotely controlled via an Apple iPhone, this video shows off the ultimate toy, a Land Rover, being driven via an iPhone!

The Multi-Point Turn Range Rover Sport is capable of autonomously maneuvering through 180 degrees, with the system capable of selecting individual gears, steering the vehicle, braking it to a complete stop and accelerating it to a maximum speed specified by settings in remote control mode.


Lego Life-Sized Car

500,000 Lego Bricks

Plenty of people build hot rods, and some with unlikely – and very cool – designs. But the world’s never seen a hot rod quite as unlikely or as cool as this one: built from 500,000 pieces of Lego, life-sized and drivable, powered by 4 orbital engines with 256 pistons running on air, with a top speed of approximately 12 mph (20 km/h).

The brainchild of an Australian man Steve Sammartino, created with Romanian tech genius Raul Oaida, it’s driveable, but the pair admit it’s not fast. “We were scared of a Lego explosion so we drove it slowly,” they say. And why a hot rod design? “Mainly because hot rods are cool.”

The creators have no solid future plans for the car, although there are rumors it could go to a famed collector in the USA. “We hear Jay Leno wants to buy the car. We are open to offers to display it at shows too.”

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