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Apple II Forever

On April 24th, 1984 during an Apple event called Apple II Forever held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, Apple introduced the portable Apple IIc personal computer.

Though the terminal lacked a monitor, it was relatively small and lightweight compared to its contemporaries. The IIc was seen as the company’s response to then new IBM PCjr.

The Moscone Center event started with a video aptly titled, Apple II Forever, shown on three large onstage screens. Set to a theme song of the same name, it featured a slideshow of photos chronicling Apple’s history and successes up to 1984.


Inside Your Computer

How Does A Computer Work?

The critical components of a computer are the Peripherals (including the mouse), the Input/Output Subsystem (which controls what and how much information comes in and out), and the Central Processing Unit (the brains), as well as human-written programs and memory.

Bettina Bair walks us through the steps your computer takes with every click of the mouse.