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Happy DIGITAL Christmas

Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Foursquare, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail and Amazon.

Times change – feelings remain the same!


How businesses can benefit from Facebook to Twitter

Some business owners and managers are intimidated by social media and wonder how they will add another task into their schedules or their employees’ workday. Some question the value of social media and their ability to measure its effectiveness. And some figure they can ignore it, and it will just go away.

Companies of all types are grappling with society’s exploding interest in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and foursquare. Smart entrepeneurs and business owners agree that it’s time to wake up to this new media that’s shaking up how companies interact with and are seen by consumers and each other.

So just how important is it for businesses to get behind social media and embrace it?

Companies have to ask themselves to weigh the risks and benefits.

Post, tweet, watch?

With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a variety of other social media platforms fighting for attention, where should a company apply its resources? Business owners and managers need to ask themselves what platforms are their customers and prospects using, None of the social media channels are magic, just tools.

A frequent concern of businesspeople is how they’ll find the time to incorporate social media posts and monitoring into their already packed work days. Large companies can afford to have one person or even a staff devoted to social media, while a small business might struggle to find the time.

Key in all the postings is to be authentic and not pushing a sale.

Admittedly, some products and industries are easier than others for engaging with customers or prospects. And some companies will be more likely than others to help generate raving fans or evangelists with their social media conversations.

Some companies are restrained in what they can do with social media, especially when a franchise.

But it’s not just about sales.

A lot of businesses are looking at social media from a sales and marketing perspective and they’re forgetting about the customer relationship standpoint. This is an opportunity, if handled correctly.

Businesspeople need to understand, that customer service has become a marketing channel. Positive sentiment can be leveraged.

Companies also can continue to build on or establish a relationship with customers or prospects through social media.

Customer review website Yelp provides an example of the importance of companies monitoring what is being said about them and engaging with customers over good and bad reviews. While the site has its fans and critics and not everyone trusts the validity of every review, Yelp can influence particularly a company’s success or failure. particularly of a restaurant, for example. It’s an extension of referral and word of mouth. If a company gets a negative review, that company needs to engage the person, apologize, find out what happened and how they can make it better.

Some or even many social media efforts might not provide a measurable return on investment. But some will, and more tools are becoming available and affordable to measure even customer sentiment.

So how do company leaders decide which of their employees tweet or blog or Facebook post on behalf of the business?

Hire well and trust your employees. Companies should establish social media policies and teach their employees how to use social media responsibly.

Guidelines for everyone: Empower the strategic ones.