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Personal Flying Vehicle

Single Passenger Drone

The Ehang 184 Personal Flying Vehicle can carry a single person weighing up to 260 pounds, has a top speed of 62 mph and a range of 10 miles.

The vehicle was recently unveiled at CES 2016, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.

It can fly itself without very much input from the passenger via an app, so they can program their flight in advance and then simply enjoy the ride! It requires no pilot’s license and is fully electric and runs on rechargeable batteries. The four arms, when folded, allow the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) to occupy the same size parking space as a car.

The Ehang 184, which was named for ‘one’ passenger, ‘eight’ propellers, and ‘four’ arms, is set to be commercially available sometime in 2016 with a price of around US$200,000 to US$300,000.


Instant WiFi For The Internet Baby


MTS, a mobile telecom provider in India, launched this commercial, featuring a baby that does not want to be born, unless God makes sure his future family has Wi-Fi.