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California Breed

California Breed

One of our clients, Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass) and Jason Bonham (drums) have re-teamed to form a new band, called California Breed, also a client. This time they’ve recruited 23-year-old newcomer, Andrew Watt (guitar, vocals), for their latest venture.

The trio have recently completed work on their debut album, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Two videos are to be filmed shortly, with the first scheduled for release in April. Their debut album, is tentatively scheduled for a worldwide release in May 2014 through Frontiers Records.

More info. @ the websites of both California Breed and Glenn Hughes 😎

www.CaliforniaBreed.com :: www.glennhughes.com


Facebook Musician’s Playbook

Facebook has recently released a lengthy, detailed guide for building a serious band/musician’s page.

This 40-page guide (links below) includes everything from the best top-level approach to debugging details. And, in between, tips on driving better traffic and engagement, managing logins, setting up analytics, and choosing plugins.

It’s the “Musician’s Playbook,” and it’s a serious guide for building something directly and independently.

This Playbook is meant to help you begin or refine some ideas and best practices for how to integrate social experiences into your direct to fan strategy to drive results.

If you want to view it online click here or simply download it [PDF].