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Musicians You Need A Facebook Page!

We’ve lost count how many musicians and band Facebookpages” we’ve clicked a link to; only to find it’s their personal profile page – hidden away, out of sight, lost behind both their own and the default Facebook privacy settings. Instead, the landing page should be their very own public facing Facebook Page!

So this info. is for musicians or bands who want to be discovered using a Facebook Page; by anyone who finds them, either through a search engine like Google or simply a link that has been passed around by Fans!

Value of a Facebook Page

Forbes reports that a fan who clicks on ‘Like‘ when visiting a Facebook Page is 41% more likely to recommend a brand and 28% more likely to continue using them. Fans spend an average $71.84 more than non-fans and are worth about $136.38. Which brand wouldn’t want a Facebook Page strategy and grow their Facebook army?

So firstly… let’s clear something up! FacebookFan” pages are no more… it is now just a “Page” in Facebook lingo!

Oh and they have also changed their buttons from ‘Become a Fan‘ to just the plain and simple, ‘Like‘ button.

Whether you like this 😉 or not, they do have the data behind it to reason what we didn’t necessarily want! Facebook serves 3 billion ‘Likes’ per day – the ‘Become a Fan’ button didn’t achieve any number close to that. So it is, what it is, and has to be accepted!

So to begin, we need to clear up a little terminology.

Facebook calls the typical individual profiles Personal Profiles and they refer to the profiles created by a brand, product, organization, musician or band as profile Pages. It can get confusing as they can look similar, but there are some big distinctions in how they work. Also, you must have a Facebook personal profile first before you can create a profile Page, so if you’re new to Facebook, you’ll have to create that first. Once you’re up and running with a personal profile, here is how you can create a profile Page.

How to create your Facebook artist/band Page:

1. Go to this link: www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

2. Select the Artist, Band, or Public Figure button

3. Once that is selected, you will get a drop down menu where you will want to select band or musician

4. Enter in the artist or band name in the “name of Page” field and click create Page.

Now that the Page is created, be sure to post a profile image and drop your Bio into the Info section. Then make Yourself a Fan! We hope you are a Fan of yourself or your band, so make your self the first Fan, by click on the “Like” button. This will get added in to the newsfeed and your friends will see you now have a Page for yourself or your band. If you have your doubts, you may want to give them a nudge by posting a new “note“, announcing your Page!

Why not just use my Facebook personal profile?

As mentioned above, there are some key functionality differences that make a Facebook profile Page a better option for promoting your music. But #1 on the list has to be the security for your personal information. Most people use their personal profiles as a way to share info, pictures and updates with their friends and family. So certain aspects of their life outside of their music career are visible for all who are “friends” to see. Anyone who you grant access to your personal profile (because they are a Fan of your music) might have more info than you really want them to have. Making a Facebook Page for your music career allows anyone to be a Fan without the worry that they’re getting to know you more than you like.

In addition, you can only have up to 5,000 friends with a personal profile, whereas with a Facebook Page you can have unlimited Fans! Plus with a Facebook Page you can send out targeted emails to a specific city, state, country, sex, age demographic. Perfect for getting the word out on gigs and other events around town or around the world!

What’s the point of an artist profile Page on Facebook?

Well, anyone can see your content – a good thing, right! With a Facebook Page, all Facebook users and non-Facebook users can go to your Page and view your content. They do not have to be a Fan or have your approval. This makes it easier for your content to be shared with others around the world!

Fans not Friends

A Facebook Page allows anyone on Facebook the ability to become a “Fan”. This means they can choose to see your content in their live stream without having to get your approval. This is ideal for music fans. All they have to do is “Like” your Page!

Multiple Admins

This feature is a must for bands and helpful for the solo artist as well. It allows everyone designated with “Admin status” to post as the band or artist. Admins also have the ability to make changes to the page details.

Facebook Ads

Of course, anyone on Facebook can run a Facebook Ad, but one of the most effective ad campaigns for an artist is a campaign designed to increase the Fan numbers on your artist page. This type of campaign can only be accomplished with a Facebook Page. How is it different? With a normal Ad, you might link to your official website where users might click through to find out more about your music and then move on to other web browsing. With an Ad geared towards increasing your Facebook Fans, when a user clicks through they are becoming Fans of your Page and your content will now show up in their Facebook stream increasing the chance for interaction with you and your music.

Page Insights

Also known as Analytics, this section of the profile page gives you all the info. you need to improve your Facebook marketing efforts by showing you info like impressions per post and a full demographic breakdown of your Fans and Page visitors. Your Fans will not see the stats and admin links that show up on your Page when you are viewing it as an Admin.

Need Assistance?

We hope these tips will help guide you in the world of Facebook. If you still need help, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have fun!