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Ferrari Made To Move

Made To Move

In 2007, Shell created a now-legendary TV ad celebrating 60 years of Ferrari.

The cars featured are:

Ferrari 500, 1952
Conceived by Ferrari’s chief designer Aurelio Lampredi, the beautifully elegant Tip 500 was a formidably effective tool in the hands of the great Alberto Ascari.

Ferrari 312, 1967
The V12-engined 312 was the staple for Ferrari’s Formula One campaign in the late 1960s.

Ferrari 312B, 1970
With its powerful ‘Flat 12’ engine, which significantly lowered its centre of gravity.

Ferrari F300, 1998
Rory Byrne designed the F300 that started Ferrari’s dominance of future racing seasons.

Ferrari F2003GA, 2003
Named in honour of Gianni Agnelli, the recently deceased patriarch of the Fiat Empire, the F2003 not only brought Ferrari the Constructors’ title, but also gave Michael Schumacher his sixth championship title, breaking the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio’s 46-year-old record.