Towns spread news through Social Media

For local governmental bodies, social media presents an attractive opportunity to reach constituents. Many towns have embraced Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as additional outlets to get the word out about services and activities, and residents say they appreciate that government is finally catching up to the trend.

Adam Conner, Facebook’s associate manager of public policy, based in Washington D.C., coaches politicians to leverage social media. He said social media can be a useful tool for governments of all sizes. “Providing your audience with important and relevant information is the key to growing an essential social media service.”

Facebook, founded in 2004, boasts 500 million users, while Twitter, launched in 2006, has 190 million visitors a month.

Updates can be sent to targeted demographics via Facebook, and as social media sites can be updated faster than traditional websites, there’s a chance that some nugget of information will reach someone who never before participated in a city or town event.